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FunkyAmoeba - Bright and bold! This is Audrey's first kit at creativesnaps... something else new is coming soon! Check back in a few days for some more goodies!...
Hipnotika - NEW!!! Fun, vibrant and a little bit funky and grungy, this kit is perfect for boy and girl pages... CraftyKid Paperpack Let's get crafty! Here are 7 bright and bold patterned papers! Again, this color scheme is very diverse and can work with many types of layouts...
ThinkInk, the set - With this set you get four digital stamp and brush products. .. ThinkInk Sloppy Alpha Its fun to get messy every now and then! This sloppy alpha will add lots of personallity to your pages
ThinkInk Texture Brushes - Its fun to get messy every now and then! Add a totally new dimension to your pages with hese textured paint brushes add... ThinkInk Flowers These are fun and funky flower accents. The files come as PNG and ABR files. These add a unique, hand-made...
CraftyBoy - Who doesn't LOVE craft paper? This kit contains two solid craft papers, a denim and three delicately patterend pages .. THinkInk Journaling Blocks These are jumbo painted journaling blocks. The files come as PNG and ABR files. You just size and stamp...
LazyDaisy - Another FUN, spring kit! This one is great for girl and boy layouts...very diverse! It comes with 10 patterned/textured 12x12 300 dpi backgrounds, doodled photo corners,... CraftyGirl Who doesn't LOVE craft paper? This kit contains three solid craft papers (three colors) and three delicately patterend pages...
SillyFlower - A FUN, whimsical, pagekit created for those loveable little girls in your life! This kit contains 11 textured/patterned 12x12 300dpi .. CosmicSlush A FUN, whimsical, pagekit created for all those loveable little guys in your life! This kit contains 11 textured/patterned 12x12 300dpi .....
Shiver - Cool, bright and Fun! Perfect for the season! This is a big kit too! It includes 11 patterned/textured papers, 3 matching ribbons, 2 ribbon bits, ... CrazyLoveA FUN, whimsical, pagekit created especially for Valentine's Day! This kit contains 8 textured/patterned 12x12 300dpi background papers, a FULL alphanumeric...
FaLaLa - This Christmas kit is HUGE!!!! It contains 12 background papers, an alphabet, 4 ribbon, 4 matching ribbon knots, 3 Christmas tags, 3 blank tags, photo corners, 3 metal accents... Christmas PNGS Add some fun to your holiday layouts, cards and crafts! These hand-drawn doodads are loads of fun! There are 12 total (all shown in the preview). All are PNG files.
Shine - This kit is HUGE!!!! It contains 13 background papers, a FULL chipboard alpha-numeric with question mark and exclamation mark, 2 ribbon, 3 stars... SummerSet - Fun, fresh, inspired by a late summer sunset. This kit contains 7 (12x12 300dpi) backgrounds, 3 jellie accents, 3 ribbons, 1 stapled ribbon-bit,...
Smudge - FUN and FUNKY!!!! This kit comes with 9 backgrounds, 3 frames, 3 tags, 3 puffy accessories, 2 ribbons, a stapled ribbon bit, 2 thread/sewn accents, and a stapled 12-inch accent. 24 pieces in all! Paint It YOUR Way - This kit is kind of like a coloring book!!! Everything is black and white, you use your "paint bucket" tool to paint it your way!!! It is so much fun, you can match your colors exactly to your photos!!!
Rainy Season - Inspired by the Rainy Season that lasts most of the year in Panama. I lived there when I was younger, and everytime the rains came, there were so many shades of green EVERYWHERE, ... Sunny Side - These colors are so WARM! This pack includes 7 backgrounds (12x12 and 300 dpi), it also includes an alphabet, some blank tiles and 3 flowered tiles!
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Yes, it does smell like Teen Spirit...this is a GREAT kit for TEEN layouts! It is bright, fun and FUNKY! It comes with 6 patterned 12x12 papers, 2 ribbons, 2 flower cut-outs, an Easy Page AND a very kewl page border! Fishee PaperPack FUN, BRIGHT, and BOLD!!! This paperpack is perfect for those summer FUN layouts!!!! Its a huge paperpack with 10 patterned papers!!! All of the papers are 12x12 300 dpi!!!
Camp - Great for outdoor layouts! Will go perfectly with your camping, fishing, and outdoor recreation photos! More Fun Alpha and mini-kit - The first FUN Fun Fun kit was so much fun, I decided to do another one! This one has softer, lighter colors and shapes for the girl layouts!!!
Cucumber Cool pagekit -This kit is for those summer boys! Fun, funky and fresh all rolled into one! This kit contains 6 backgrounds, 2 ribbons, 3 circle embellishments, and 2 photo borders. (total of 13 pieces). Fun Fun Fun - and you'll have FUN FUN FUN with this kit... bright and sunny colors, perfect for Spring and Summer Layouts!
Gallery Collection - Sloppy Borders - Enhance your favorite photos with this Collection! You'll want to hang them on your wall, so I included 5x7 and 8x10 templates in this set for easy framing! Shabby_Harbor_Preview Sour Grapes - Perfect for summer and spring! This is a HUGE paperpack!
Gallery Collection - PageBytes - Enhance your favorite photos with this Collection! You'll want to hang them on your wall, so I included 5x7 and 8x10 templates in this set for easy framing! Pastel Crush - This kit is filled with soft colors and textures - Perfect for those precious BABY moments!
Yum - Page Kit Sweet and YUMmy! You may actually get hungry while using this kit... I did while designing it! April Showers Created for my Mom, for the Mother's Day album I'm making for her! This kit is fun and elegant!
Tamale Hott pagekit - Yep, we're ready for summer around here!!! This kit is totally HOTT! It has five very HOTT backgrounds, 3 photo borders, 3 paper cutouts, and two ribbons! (total of 13 pieces). Mosaic - Enhance your favorite photos with this Collection! You'll want to hang them on your wall, so I included 5x7 and 8x10 templates in this set for easy framing!
Easter Egg Mini-kit -Just in time for Easter! The colors in this mini- kit also match perfectly with my Pastel Crush pagekit! Creation - Fun, whimsical, fresh, unique! You're going to have so much FUN with this kit!
Shabby_Harbor_Preview Shabby Harbor - Cool, fresh and a little bit shabby! You will love the soft textures and patterns of this kit! It comes with 9 backgrounds, 2 alphabets (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, tags and 3 metal accents! Dirt paper pack - For all of those dirty, grungy, GUY LO's... although I've seen some people make some GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL layouts with it as well!
All of our digital kits can be purchased and downloaded from our site!! The files included in our digital kits are jpg format or png format. They can be easily used WITH your favorite photo editing/graphics software (eg. Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc). You can also select the "CD Burn" option/add-on and we will burn your entire order to a cd and send it to you!

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